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Native, meet


Build a garden ecosystem with plants that naturally thrive here without much extra water.

Change your landscape

enjoy your yard more!

We are creating resources to inspire the community of southern Ventura County to think of their outdoor space in a new, holistic way, including a Landscape Style Guide that highlights how garden landscapes can bolster the drought resistance of a yard, reduce maintenance, and improve the balance of your backyard’s ecosystem.

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Reduce water needs

Because up to 70% of the average household’s water is used outdoors, mostly for irrigation, so inefficiencies outside really add up. If we can collectively upgrade our grass to garden landscapes, we’ll be able to significantly reduce our regional water needs.

Create a beneficial ecosystem

When you use plants that thrive here naturally, they invite beneficial creatures into your garden landscape that can co-exist, like beneficial insects that control unwanted pests naturally. Think: Natural pest control!

Increase pollinator populations

Incorporating plants that are attractive to bees and butterflies helps support pollination that we need as a region. Native milkweed is just one example plant that could be great for your garden landscape, do well there, and cultivate a great ecosystem for your yard.

Less maintenance & upkeep

Plants that are native to Southern Ventura County are innately more resistant to our pests and can handle our climate well. Same goes for Mediterranean plants that can thrive here. When you use these plants and improve your backyard ecosystem it will require less pesticides, fertilizer and upkeep!


The landscape guide for southern Ventura County.

Success stems from planting the right place in the right spot in your yard. Another pro tip: Read plant labels, and then, believe them.

Download the guideEn Español