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Landscapes for


Upgrade your grass with regionally appropriate plants that will thrive in your yard!

An ecosystem approach

for your yard

Southern Ventura County is one of five regions around the world where Mediterranean and native plants can thrive together. Here, drought-tolerant landscaping doesn’t only mean cacti and succulents. We have the benefit of a bright, varied, and vibrant plant palette with varieties that are well-suited to our area’s rainfall and cultivate a healthy, balanced backyard ecosystem.

Enjoy Bright Vibrant Landscapes

Use Less Water

Less Yard Maintenance

Create a Healthy Backyard Ecosystem


The right plant in the right place can make all the difference for your yard.

It’s up to us to create garden landscapes that make sense for our regional climate and can withstand weather patterns that are becoming less predictable and more extreme. From droughts to floods and back again, our landscapes have seen it all. They’ve adapted and responded.

Now it’s our turn

The next drought is just around the corner. It always is. Now is the time to make long-lasting changes with water-wise plants to create sustainable garden landscapes that use less water outdoors, reduce yard maintenance, and improve the health of your backyard’s ecosystem.

Our landscapes must change


We must change how we think about our landscapes

To learn more about how you can create your own garden landscape, use less water outdoors and pick the right plant for your yard, view our Landscapes for Ventura County guide.

Get inspired!